Marta Franceschetti

Member of the Order of Journalists of Piedmont (Italy), since 1998 working in the field of cultural events (with a particular attention to film, documentary and audiovisual), in the environment and in the “food & wine” as Press Officer, working with various realities related to specific events , Festivals, Exhibitions and Fairs, locally, nationally and internationally.

Special attention is always paid to the world of communication, media and information technologies. Collaborated – since 1997 – with reality related to film, television, documentary, film institutions, working closely with directors, producers and distributors. Since 2008 she has started strong relationships, as a press officer with communications agencies and development of applications for the Web and for Smart Phone.

In terms of content, in 2010 her interests have expanded and aimed at environmental sustainability and the environmental sector; have in recent years as collaborations press office of several projects in Green background for which she prepares press releases, organizes press conferences, planning interviews and press releases indexes.